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Protective and Graffiti Resistant Coatings & TSW Multi-Master Remover


Protective Resistant Coating

Protective and Graffiti Resistant Coatings

Semi-Gloss Finish Graffiti Resistant Coating

TSW4 Acryli-Master 
TSW4 dries to a clear semi-gloss finish. VOC Content: 9.78% (98 g/L)

Low Sheen Finish Graffiti Resistant Coating

TSW8 Acryli-Master 
TSW8 dries to a clear matte finish. VOC Content: 9.28% (92.8 g/L)

TSW4 and TSW8 Acryli-Master are clear, water-based acrylic, non-sacrificial graffiti resistant coatings specifically formulated to provide repeated protection against graffiti vandalism by sealing the surface. For optimum results airless sprayer application is recommended. For small areas, touch up or when airless application is not practical, a roller and/or brush may be used.

Developed to: Provide repeated protection against graffiti attacks May be applied on: Most surfaces both painted and unpainted.

TSW4 and TSW8 Product Data Sheets available on request.

How the TSW Coating works…

TSW Anti-Graffiti coating is designed to shield against UV damage and vandalism. Application is effortless, with two simple methods available:1. Roll-on application using a roller.2. Spray-on application using a sprayer.

Graffiti remover

TSW Multi-Master Remover

Sensitive Surfaces

TSW9 Plasti-Master
Zero VOC Graffiti Remover for Delicate SurfacesDeveloped to remove: Graffiti, Stains, Paint Overspray and More!From: Vehicles, Plastics, Glass, Aluminum, and other hard finished surfaces. VOC Content: 0%

Multi Purpose

TSW2R Multi-Master
Graffiti Remover for Most SurfacesDeveloped to remove: Graffiti consisting of oil and latex paints, permanent marker, pen, inks, lipstick, correction fluid, shoe polish and more!From: Most surfaces. VOC Content: <30% (300 g/L)

Masonry Surfaces

TSW3G Mason-Master
Graffiti Remover for Unpainted Porous SurfacesDeveloped to remove: Spray paint and most other common graffiti vandalism. From: Brick, concrete, stone and most other unpainted porous surfaces. VOC Content: 13.12% (132 g/L)

TSW9, TSW2 and TSW3G Product Data Sheets available on request.

How the TSW Remover works…

Our Anti-Graffiti formula, developed over 25 years ago, effectively eliminates paint and marker stains from a wide range of surfaces. For best results, it’s recommended to act promptly. Compatible Surfaces Include Plastic, Vinyl, Metal, Signs, and Utility/Electrical Boxes. Spray our TSW2R solution, then use a clean rag to wipe the surface after a few seconds. In cases of thicker paint, a stiff nylon brush may be necessary for thorough cleaning.