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LLEPM (Low-Location Exit Path Markings)

INPS has worked closely with many mass transit car builders and transit authorities to design, engineer and manufacture luminous egress systems that work both functionally and financially.

Our LLEPM (low-location exit path marking ) products are manufactured using the highest quality materials in terms of durability and safety. They are suitable for new or existing rubber or carpet floor coverings. With other applications such as seats and walls.

LLEPM is mandatory on all passenger rolling stock related to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and has become mandatory on all equipment operating under the self-regulating guidelines of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA). It is part of the Emergency Preparedness Plans of each transit agency. To minimize cost and increase ease of installation, INPS has developed turnkey solutions that include egress signage and low-level emergency path illumination products.

Luminous Egress Products by INPS:

1. Exceed all regulatory requirements including brightness

2. Offer high durability; wear, water, salt and are cleaning solvent impervious

3. Unique design minimizes dust and particulate collection on HPPL surfaces

4. Low profile minimizes trip hazards and maintains ADA compliance

5. Offers multiple products and a selection of profiles for easy installation with carpet, rubber flooring or tile combinations

6. Continuous coiled product is easy to ship and handle, fasten and apply

7. Can be shipped in specific lengths, coiled in bulk or kitted with HPPL stair caps, exit and egress signage

8. Includes custom extruded profiles

“ Our low-location exit path marking product (LLEPM) is a High-Performance Photoluminescent (HPPL) product used for floor tracking and wall coverings. It is designed to meet the North American and EU requirements for luminance and fire behaviour and it is designed to be installed where the available ambient light is 1 fc (10 lux) at a minimum.” Rodica Murariu (Engineering Manager at INPS Group of Companies).

We manufacture and supply the following floor-related transit products:

• Glow-in-the-dark safety components

• Emergency exit path markings (exceeds all APTA regulations)

• LED-charged emergency exit path markings

• Complete marking kits for all flooring types

• Transition trims for all flooring types

• Extruded floor mouldings


APTA PR-PS-S-004-99, Rev. 2 Standard for Low-Location Exit Path Marking

APTA RT-VIM-S-022-10 (American Public Transportation Association Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance)

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