Introducing the “Orange” Locomotive Air Conditioner

Custom Fit Rooftop Air Conditioner Solution

Easily replace old rooftop AC with the “Orange” non-inverter driven, DC locomotive air conditioner. This innovative system provides a seamless and straightforward replacement for outdated units.

Non-inverter technology ensures consistent and reliable cooling with 32,000 BTU of power, delivering dependable performance even in the most demanding conditions.

Locomotive Air Conditioner Option 1: Steel plate with 3 pc modular “Orange” AC pre-attached

This option features a pre-fabricated, reinforced steel plate with an attached 3-piece modular “Orange” AC unit. The design allows for a straightforward installation process, as the unit easily lifts and drops into the existing OEM rooftop hole spacing.

The reinforced steel plate is bolt-mounted and equipped with ring hooks, ensuring easy placement and secure attachment. This design simplifies the installation process and guarantees a robust and durable fit, making it an ideal solution for upgrading locomotive air conditioning systems.

Rooftop plate with 3 pc modular AC design
Rooftop plate with 3 pc modular AC design

Locomotive Air Conditioner Option 2: Plate Only

Place the plate over the existing OEM rooftop to cover the hole spacing, providing a versatile foundation for mounting the “Orange” AC unit. This flexibility allows you to position the “Orange” AC virtually anywhere on the locomotive, accommodating various design and space requirements. Whether it’s a new installation or a retrofit, this option ensures a secure and adaptable solution for optimal cooling performance.

Installation of the Orange Air Conditioner for Locomotives
Installation of the Orange Air Conditioner for Locomotives

Key Benefits of the “Orange” Locomotive Air Conditioner:

  • Easy, lower-cost installation and operation
  • It can be mounted virtually anywhere on the locomotive
  • Can be installed on new or existing locomotives
  • Designed for low-head clearance areas

The Orange AC integrates itself seamlessly into existing cabin interiors without looking like a retrofit.

Specifications of the Orange Air Conditioner for Locomotives
Specifications of the Orange Air Conditioner for Locomotives

“Orange” Locomotive Air Conditioner 3 pc Flexible Modular Design

Complete heavy-duty, lightweight construction component system including:

  • Evaporator / Air Handler
  • Compressor with 72 VDC brushless motor
  • Condenser

Installation Kit: Packaged for worry-free ease of installation.

The “Orange” AC is ready to be custom-fit into a locomotive

“Our team of qualified technicians will provide support and technical training on the installation of the Orange AC, as well as provide continued support for troubleshooting.” 

– Julie Briscoe, Operations Manager, INPS Group

For more information, contact IEP Sales Team