Locomotive Air Conditioning and Auxiliary Power Units

Need solutions for your fleet? Concerned about Rising Fuel Costs?

Innovative Engineering

We’ve developed auxiliary power and locomotive air conditioning units that transform space constraints into opportunities. Our cutting-edge designs maximize efficiency and functionality.

Exceptional Service

For a timely response, call, email, or chat through our virtual installation assistant. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service.

Creative Solutions

Our IEP air conditioning and auxiliary power solutions integrate seamlessly with the locomotive’s 72-volt power system. This ensures compatibility and reliability.

Impressive Results

Our APU delivers reliable air conditioning, improves air quality, and saves tens of thousands of dollars in fuel costs annually.

Our Locomotive Air Conditioning and Auxiliary Power Units

Banana Auxiliary Power Unit

The Banana Auxiliary Power Unit

Installing the IEP “Banana” APU reduces fuel consumption at idle and decreases emissions. This helps build better relationships with stakeholders and offers a payback within a year ($30,000.00). Additionally, the Banana APU powers existing locomotive strip heaters when the locomotive is off, enhancing crew comfort.

Orange Air Conditioner

The Orange Air Conditioner

The IEP Patented “Orange” locomotive air conditioner is the only DC-driven A/C for freight locomotives. It effectively reduces heat and is easy to install and operate. It can be mounted virtually anywhere on the locomotive, whether new or existing, and is designed for low-head clearance areas.

Learn more About Our locomotive air conditioning and auxiliary power units

In an era where efficiency and sustainability are paramount, our innovative auxiliary power and locomotive air conditioning units stand out as essential upgrades for your fleet. By choosing IEP solutions, you invest in cutting-edge technology that delivers comfort, saves fuel, and reduces emissions. Take the next step towards a more efficient and eco-friendly fleet. Contact us today to learn how our products can benefit your operations and drive your success.

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