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Railway Signal Cabinet Replacement

S&C Rail Solutions’ patented method makes railway signal cabinet replacement easy. It allows organizations to replace signal cabinets efficiently. Additionally, it addresses safety, time, financial, legal, and logistical concerns. With this method, change means savings and efficiency. Ready for a change? Bring it on!

What is S&C’s Solution?

S&C Rail Solutions offers an innovative patented system to replace signal cabinets. It features a unique design, new drawings, and comprehensive manuals. Furthermore, the installation technique lets any crew change a cabinet without disconnecting communication system wiring. This method enables upgrades from single cases to double cases and even bungalows.

Using our standard approach, the Glenmore Trail crossing project would have represented 60 man-hours in the wiring shop, 24 man-hours in the field, along with $6,000.00 of material and a slow-down directive to trains. With the innovation of S&C Rail Solutions, the total project took only 17 man-hours to complete, with no train slow-down directive whatsoever. In the future, where applicable, we will definitely consider this innovative replacement system as an option, as it represents substantial savings both in time and money.”

Ron Curry, Manager of S&C, Safety Assurance, Western Division, Canadian National Railways

The S&C Rail Solutions’ Method

The cabinet is changed by 3 employees in a maximum of 6 hours. The wiring remains connected, and trains do not slow down. This results in no interruption of service. Moreover, larger cabinets can be quickly and easily installed, making it ideal for PTC requirements.

Railway Signal Cabinet Replacement Made Easy

Railway Signal Cabinet REplacement Benefits

Manpower Benefits

  • Less of a need for costly qualified manpower: 3 men, 6 hours vs. 4 men, 5 days
  • Practically nonexistent risks and safety hazards for employees

Productivity Benefits

  • No train slow down or interruption
  • No disconnection and no testing required
  • No special permit required

Space and Logistics Benefits

  • Batteries now fit into the larger cabinet
  • Requires less space during replacement in cramped areas

Is Railway Signal Cabinet Replacement Really Worth It?

BenefitsEstimate Value
Far less time to change or install a signal case or bungalow (3 min/6 hours vs. 4 men/5 days)18 hours at $75/hour instead of 200 hours. Savings of $13,650 per cabinet
Does not disconnect the system. No retesting and trains do not have to stop or even slow down.Does not disconnect the system. No retesting, and trains do not have to stop or even slow down.
No special permit is required. If the weather is not ideal, a permit must be reapplied for, delaying the procedure by 4-6 weeks.No special permit is required. If the weather is not ideal, a permit must be reapplied, delaying the procedure by 4-6 weeks.
Significant reduction in manpower allocation (not electricians required)The average savings of non-skilled labour are $30/hour, as opposed to electricians at $60/hour x 200 hours. Savings of $6,000 per cabinet.
Complying with PTC requirements is much easier as one can easily change the cabinet for a larger one (to include PTC systems) or make room for PTC systems with the current cabinet.Upgrading by converting to a bigger cabinet, avoid replacing relays or microprocessors if they are in good working order.
Much safer for the installation crew and train industry. Risk and safety hazards are virtually nonexistent.Avoid costly accidents: priceless
Maintenance-free structure for years of operational savings.Eliminate the need for yearly maintenance.

During our experience installing the bungalow on OVR territory, we found the product very well designed. The parts are light and easily put together. We were impressed by the quick turnaround from taking the crossing out of service and having it back in service to avoid any train delay. We believe the product can be very efficient and helpful for Railways and signal operations.

Kevin Garson, Manager of Signal Maintenance, Rail Term Inc.
Railway Signal Cabinet Replacement

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